Why should I choose ENcharge?
ENcharge was designed by firefighters and paramedics to be fast, accurate and intuitive. We believe that first responders should spend less time filling out paperwork and more time saving lives.

Where is ENCharge available?
ENcharge is currently only available in Ohio. We are EMSIRS compliant, and working on our NEMSIS Gold certificate‚ÄĒENcharge will be available nationwide soon.

Are my PCRs stored securely?
All PCRs and patient-related data are 256 bit encrypted when stored on the iPad. Uploaded PCRs are transmitted via secure transfer protocols (https:) and encrypted when stored on our servers.

Does ENcharge comply with HIPAA regulations?
All our security protocols meet or exceed HIPAA requirements.

How can ENcharge be customized to meet my department’s needs?
ENcharge enables you to pre-load your iPad app with your department’s staff and vehicles, the most commonly used cities, counties and hospitals, as well as your department’s contact information for printed PCRs.

Can I attach photos to a PCR?
Yes, ENcharge allows you to utilize the iPad’s built-in camera to attach photos to PCRs.

Can I print or fax a PCR?
Yes, you can print a PCR directly from your iPad to any AirPrint-enabled printer, or fax a PCR to any fax machine in the U.S. or Canada.

How do I transmit PCRs to the state?
PCRs that have been uploaded to the ENcharge website can be exported in a EMSIRS-approved format.