Product Features

Several customization options are available:
- pre-load of all staff and vehicles into the app
- see most commonly responded to cities, counties and hospitals at the top of lists for faster input
- track whether other departments responded to a run and in which shift a call took place
- have your department’s contact info and logo on the printed PCR reports

The ENcharge iPad app allows users to generate and upload a Patient Care Report (PCR) to an integrated web application for quality control, reporting and submission to the state. Once the PCR has been uploaded to the website, it is completely cleared from the mobile device.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” ENcharge allows for photo documentation using the iPad’s built-in camera. This feature is useful for auto accidents, ECG image capture, and any other pertinent info that is easier shown than explained. All photos are tied to the PCR only, and will not be stored on the device in the camera roll. As with all other data included in the PCR, photos are removed from the device once the PCR has been uploaded to the website.

With the use of your Apple ID, a lost or stolen device can easily be located and/or wiped clean. This feature also allows the user to remotely lock the device with a four-digit code and display a contact phone number to contact for return of the device.

Users have the option of using the CHART method or free-form narrative. Users can opt to type the narrative with the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard or use the iPad’s voice activation feature to dictate the narrative.

The finger signature feature of the iPad allows for stylus-free, immediate capture of signatures for a variety of events, including patient refusal, acceptance of HIPAA rights, transfer of care, witness, and in charge medic signatures.

ENcharge automatically validates and crosschecks all EMSIRS-compliant fields, giving a visual cue (color changes to red for a wrong entry), and an explanation of the error, allowing users to correct the entry before submission. This not only reduces the time an administrator needs to spend checking the PCR for accuracy, but also guarantees a 0% return of reports submitted to the state.

Central web hosting via cloud server

The app is easily used on WiFi, 3G, or 4G networks. It is also completely functional in the absence of mobile connectivity (with the exception of location awareness)—reports can be completed and saved at any time, and then uploaded when network connectivity is restored.

Extremely durable and semi-ruggedized hardware protection available.

Costs associated with hardware are lower for the iPad than a laptop.

All security and encryption protocols meet or exceed HIPAA requirements. We use AES-256-cbc (a 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt patient identifying data.  Web traffic and data sent from the iPad are sent via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is the standard in encrypted web communication.

See the most pertinent details of a patient’s condition and treatments received in one place, to ensure a fast and smooth transition to the hospital’s Emergency Department.

Custom reports can be generated from the web interface.