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Advancing first responder software to the next level.

Emergency Networking's EMS and Fire platform enables your department to spend more time on tasks that matter. EN software streamlines workflow and empowers crews to get more done in the field. EN software leverages advanced technology so your crews can focus on what really matters - better serving their patients.

A Complete Fire and EMS Software Suite

Emergency Networking improves department performance and eliminates busywork so you can spend more time on the tasks that matter. See how our customers are simplifying processes, empowering their crews to get more done, improving data quality and better serving their patients.

The Best Choice For Your Agency

Modern, Cloud-Based Software

Modern, cloud-based software running on any device, built on a single, secure platform.

Fully Customizable

Fully customized by department or agency, including advanced rules and calculations.

Complete Turn-Key Solution

Complete turn-key solution including full offline functionality for even the most challenging environments.

Experienced Team

Experienced team with a relentless focus on innovation, user experience, and data insights for better decision making.

Trusted by Departments Everywhere


We have been using Emergency Networking for three years now. It is the most user friendly ePCR that I have ever used. Most reports take less than 10 minutes to complete. They were able to customize the software to meet our needs.

Dave Simonson, Cincinnati Medical Transport

We are very happy with the smooth rollout of ENcharge. Previously we were taking 30 plus minutes to complete a chart with our prior software, now that time has been cut in half, with some turn arounds in 8 minutes.

Jeremy Lucin, Minerva Fire Department

Working with Emergency Networking for the implementation of Electronic Patient Care Reports has been an absolute great experience for our organization. The team at Emergency Networking work collaboratively to make the transition as seamless as possible. The program is user friendly and guaranteed to make a major improvement for your organization. 

Rachel Estep, Portsmouth Emergency Ambulance Services

We went with Emergency Networking because ENcharge PCR was very user friendly and met our needs. More important than anything is the customer service.  The service and call backs are prompt, no longer waiting a few days to have someone return your calls.

Chief Steve Miller, Ross Township Fire

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Integrating First Responders with the Rest of Healthcare

Emergency Networking is leading the way by providing a Mobile Integrated Care platform with multi-agency solutions for mental health, opioid management, social services, and health system integrations.

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