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Breaking up is hard to do

We are sorry you are being forced to leave FireHouse and we want to give you a choice for your new RMS and PCR! We will even help you stay compliant with the Ohio Fire Marshal's office after March 31, 2022.

Complete, modern RMS & PCR

We offer a complete Fire and EMS records management system with all the modules you need, with an added bonus of an app you can use OFFLINE when you don't have an internet connection!


Competitive Pricing

We have a competitive pricing model very similar to what you are currently paying today, so we won't break the bank with a BIG price increase!


Complete, FREE data conversion

If you sign up in 2022 we will convert data from most of your modules and not just NFIRS for FREE. We can even help you submit your records to the Ohio Fire Marshal while you get converted over. Get started today!


Let's Get Started

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