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Mobile Integrated Care

We help first responders, non-profits and government organizations make a greater impact when they collaborate and serve their customers, patients, and residents using a common set of goals and finding effective ways to capture and share data through a single platform.

Mentor Match

Our Mentor Match program offers a comprehensive solution for managing any mentorship program. We provide a complete system for onboarding mentors, mentees and their families. We also facilitate matching and time and activity tracking.

Multi-Agency Electronic Social Records

Our Multi-Agency ESR allows social services and local government agencies to jointly manage members of their communities who require a multi-disciplinary approach to their care and support. All information is collected and shared in a single, longitudinal record with permissions down to the field level. 

Community Paramedicine

Manage your community outreach programs for mental health, substance abuse, and social determinants of health (SDOH). EMS crews can make referrals directly from the ENcharge PCR module. 

Custom Forms

Emergency Networking is built using the most advanced and powerful form and app builder, aldrin. With aldrin, we can create any custom form and app with data sources, rules, and calculations to meet even the largest agency's needs. We couple this with our integration and API tools to be able to send and receive data with other departmental / city IT systems.

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